Things You Must Know If You Run A Carpet Cleaning Company

To run a successful carpet cleaning company, you have to know all the tips and tricks that can make your business better. Whether you are a rookie in this business, or you have a business for years, the following tips will help you to improve your business and make your life easier. As a professional company with many years of professional work, the guys from had helped us to present some of the tricks they have been using in their business!

Blot, absorb with a paper towel, let it dry

While a lot of people think that rubbing the stain will remove it, it is the opposite. Rubbing makes things worse and can even make the permanent damage to your carpet that you will never be able to get rid of. Instead of rubbing, you should blot the stain first and collect the spilled liquid/material. Once you do that, you have to apply a couple of sheets of paper towel so the remaining dampness could be extracted. If you do not do this, you will risk that the moisture stays in the carpet, which can damage the fibers, cause a bad smell and even change the look or the stained area. Repeat the process as much as needed so you could remove the excessive moisture from the fibers. Once you are done, make a mixture of washing detergent and warm water in ratio 50/50 and gently dab the area. Repeat the procedure until you remove the stain.

absorb with a paper towel

Always have the following ingredients ready

Like an electrician has his tools, you have to have prepared the ingredients that help you in cleaning. Do not start your carpet cleaning business without:

  • Club soda
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Shaving cream.

The club soda is great for removing the beer and wine stains, due to its chemical structure that is violent towards the mentioned liquids. Vinegar, often used in household, has its acids that are great for removing various types of stains. It simply attacks the stains’ particles and dissolves them at the micro-level. The bleach detergent is used with warm water for removing even the greasiest stains. However, make sure to check your carpet’s fabric type to find the appropriate bleach. Ammonia is also a versatile cleaning solution that can help you to remove oily, petrol, wine and grease stains, especially in thick rugs. The shaving cream is versatile as well and it is not expensive at all. Just make sure you mix it with water, in ratio 50/50.

Deep cleaning is a must

Deep cleaning is something you have to do, at least every six months. A lot of clients, especially those who are not willing to pay more, will run away from this due to the higher price. Try to explain to them that this is something they have to do every half of year to have a nice, fresh and bacteria-free carpet. The deep cleaning is performed with chemical cleaning solutions specially made for this, as well as with the steam cleaning, where the steam, or high temperature to say, kills the germs and bacteria. The deep cleaning should be done frequently if you have pets inside your home!

Author: Duane Walker

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